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With more emphasis on people dressed, the more diligent maintenance shoes. While wearing light can Kam, style beautiful shoes,uggs sale but also one of the most basic etiquette. Finally buy their satisfaction with the shoes, you should put to good maintenance to extend its life. Once you try to learn maintenance shoes, you can discover that Bing without spending too much time, and fun.
* Shoes should loosen the laces before using shoehorn: Weekdays careful with the use, maintenance is the first step in the shoes. More damage from the heel shoes began. Therefore, it may use a shoehorn shoes. Long-handled can be prepared at home, and usually is prepared to carry. Also, do not wear shoes when hard squeeze, wear shoes with laces loosen the laces before wearing should develop the habit.
* The use of shoe shoes to prevent deformation: prevent shoes deformation, into the shoe the best results. Foot shape, moves, body temperature and moisture, rain and other factors could lead to aliasing of shoes, especially the sweat or been exposed to rain, the child must use a fixed shoe-shaped shoe. As the temperature and moisture will make leather relaxation, surviving when the temperature inside the shoe must be configured.
* Buy immediately after doing maintenance: new shoes Bing is not coated with shoe polish, for the protection of new shoes to wear before without using castor oil in the sole seam portion wipe, you can enhance the effect of water. The upper layer of chicken wiping oil sheen uppers make hard and soft. To maintain long-lasting smooth, rubbed fresh milk available again, you will get unexpected results. More than a few steps to do and not do, and shoes the speed of aging great relationship.
* The same pair of shoes to change into frequency: Generally, no longer like the daily wear shoes. Exchange of different shoes are shoes to prevent aging methods. Each of the men workers should be prepared to work three to four pairs of shoes to wear, where one pair can be designed to match formal suit, attend weddings or very formal occasions,ugg special shoes; Otherwise there must be a minimum three pairs of shoes, Try to keep them as new pair of shoes to avoid scratching the leather remaining two pairs will adopt a rolling change into. So not only shoes to have enough time to rest more durable, but also can avoid the sweat and odor.
* After wet Maintenance: After the rain soaked shoes, immediately for proper disposal, not to make the shoes deformation. First, the first white film with water to wipe clean, then use the cloth to absorb water absorption shoe surface moisture. Shoes built into the newspaper or toilet paper, more changed in order to completely drain water. Dried to a certain extent,uggs it should be placed in the shoe last to prevent deformation. Then placed in ventilated place to dry or use a hair dryer to assist low-temperature drying method from inside shoes can, avoid the use of high temperatures can cause cracks uppers. Completely dry, then brush on the emulsion polish carefully, in accordance with the general maintenance of law and maintenance.
* Save Shoes: The shoe polish painted not wear shoes store, leather shoes will be dry cracks because rub shoe polish is only suitable for everyday wearing shoes. Shoes should be coated with bio-oil, this can save long leather. If you do not wear shoes for a long time, dust easily attached to the vamp, the easiest way is to use the old shoes with stockings sets up close, convenient and clean.
* Seasonal maintenance prolong shoe life: as long as with the season of the "maintenance dose" enhanced cleansing and moisturizing effect, ugg outletwill be able to keep you bright as new. Shoe care products includes "water repellent", "conservation and restoration lotion", "cleaning composition."
* Mandatory shoe basic maintenance supplies: the maintenance of the shoes once a week with basic supplies shoe brush, clean oil, shoe polish, cloth, water spray and other items. Best to use horse hair shoe brush, Bing has at least two - a big brush shoes overall, small detail brush. Shoe polish color should match. Brown shoes with brown shoe polish, black ugg salewith black shoe polish. Shoe polish and clean oil nature does not comply, the shoes will not change color, so the first time new shoes rub

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